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10 Minute Kids Workouts at Home

Isoworkout #18 Hopping, Leaping and Jumping

Wiggle, bounce and shake your way to a great little warm-up for this power-packed session!

Isoworkout #17 

Functional Agility and Mobility.  A great combination of exercises to help keep you agile and mobile in this 10 minute workout.

Isoworkout #16 Keep the Beat

Try your best to kick, jump and twist to the beat!  Keep the Beat #16 is a great workout to lift your heart rate and  start the day with a bounce in your step!  #smartmoves

Isoworkout #15 Fancier Fast Feet

If you think you can’t do a workout in 1 metre squared then think again!

Fancier Fast Feet is #isoworkout 15 and will keep your brain as active as your feet! #smartmoves

Isoworkout #14 - Easter Monday Rolling

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Monday with #isoworkout 14! We’re rolling around today and using up all our sugar fuelled energy!!! #smartmoves

Isoworkout #13 - Fancy Fast Feet

Fancy Fast Feet is the theme for #isoworkout 13. These activities help train the communication between the left and right side of the brain and, as such, assist with improving your mental readiness for learning as well your physical co-ordination and fitness! Wins all round!

Isoworkout #12 Ball Skills and Co-ordination

It’s #isoworkout 12! The focus is on coordination and ball skills, combined in a heart pumping workout! #homeworkout

Isoworkout #11 Strength Training and Mobility with a Broomstick.

A broomstick is all you need to mimic the movement you can learn down the track with an Olympic sized barbell.  A broomstick is the perfect first step to learn the techniques, movement patterns as well as train the postural muscles required to perform some super effective functional training, strength and power building movements.

Isoworkout #10 Footwork and Jumping

Join us and our toilet rolls for #isoworkout 10! Start with a mobility warm up, some footwork and add lots of jumping around and you have yourself a superb workout!

Isoworkout #9 Fitness, Strength and Flexibility

Welcome to #isoworkout 9 with a reminder to approach each exercise with a #growthmindset. Check out for great resources for parents and teachers.

Isoworkout #8 Mobility and Strength - Primitive Moves

EMpowerME training goes primal! Improve mobility and strength in this calm but intense workout for the whole family.
#isoworkout 8

Isoworkout #7 Strength and Control 

Today it’s all about strength ! 4 Exercises in 4 Minutes. For kids and parents to do together!
#isoworkout 7

Isoworkout #6 Box and Jump

Get out your fluffy socks for #isoworkout 3! Next step is to add background music so you don’t have to hear my neighbours using power tools......#isohomeimprovement

Isoworkout #5 Animal Moves

Get your animal on and have some fun with this workout!

Try this with pre-schoolers all the way up to teenagers as we can all benefit from moving on all fours and challenging our co-ordination.

Isoworkout #4 5Rounds

5 Rounds with a 6 year old. A workout for the real world!

Keeping it real in our frontyard to show you a workout with just 3 main exercises to remember and 5 rounds to do!  Grab the kids, shoes optional and get busy having fun!  Remember anything is better than nothing.

Isoworkout #3 Fluffy Sock Workout

Get out your fluffy socks for #isoworkout 3! Next step is to add background music so you don’t have to hear my neighbours using power tools......#isohomeimprovement.

This workout is harder than it looks!

Isoworkout #2 Toilet Paper Agility

Today’s workout by EMpowerME training and WonderWoman is sponsored by #whogivesacrap


Challenge your footwork in this fast-paced workout which will challenge your brain and your feet!

Isoworkout #1 EMOM Workout

Here we go! #isoworkout No.1 Enjoy and I promise, the more likes I get the better skilled the videographer will get!

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