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The dream has to start somewhere


Let your kids light their flame and join one of our action packed and exciting Olympic Multisport Camp #brisbane2032

Each Camp has 2-3 exciting sports on offer, allowing your children the unique opportunity to try 3 sports in 1 Day!  Learn the basics from expert coaches in each field.  
Who knows maybe you could be in the crowd cheering your child on in

General Program Information

  • 2-3 different Olympic Sports at each holiday Camp on offer

  • Each Camp Day begins at 9 am for check-in and ends at 3pm for pick up.

  • Group Leader will stay with children throughout the day.  Gp 1 (5-7yrs), Gp 2 (8-10yrs), Gp 3 (11+yrs)

  • 3 main rotations with a different sport being taught at each rotation.

  • Specialist Coaches for each sport

  • Prizes on offer for fitness and skill-based challenges throughout the day. 

  •  An awesome day of action and fun.   Learn new skills, discover hidden talents and make new friends! 

WhWhat to BringBring

  • Lunch, snacks and drink bottle

  • Hat and sunscreen if outdoor activities taking place. 


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Jade Close

Ex-member of the Australian Hockeyroos team.  Jade competed at the 2012 Olympics.

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Casey Dolkins

Current Member of the Hockey Queensland High performance squad.  Casey was selected in the National U21's Team, the Jillaroos in 2019.


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Michael Criticos

Experienced athletics Coach at Balmoral Athletics Club.  Michael is also a PE teacher.

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Karolina Rosloniec

Former elite Heptathlete and long jumper.  Experienced athletics coach

 currently coaching at Lourdes Hill, Clayfierld College, Villanova and Balmoral Athletics Club.


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Caleb Gahan

A current senior member of the Ausrtalian National Team, Caleb has represented Australia at multiple World Championships

CLICK HERE and see what elite Handball looks like!

View HANDBALL Game: A bunch of rockets from Alicia Stolle at Kumamoto 2019



Football (Soccer)

Mountain Biking ( bike skills and obstacles)




3 on 3 Basketball

Rythmic Gymnastic






Sports will be rotated each Holiday depending on weather and availability.  Hot Summer months we will restricted to indoor facilities. 

Location and Sports for up coming camp announced mid Term.

Lock in your day/s now and reserve your spot as number are limited! 

Handball Jump



About this sport

Team Handball  (also known as Olympic or European Handball) is a dynamic sport that first featured in the Olympics in 1936.  With 27 Million registered players, it has professional leagues in various European countries and is hugely popular in many Asian countries.  Australia has been represented at the Sydney 2000 games and will again in Brisbane 2032 as host nation.


The sport is played indoors on a large court 40 x 20m with 6 court players and a goalkeeper.  Players can dribble, pass and use 3 steps to move the ball into a position where a player can shoot a goal. Handball Demands great footwork, hand/eye coordination, jumping power, and fitness.

Our camp will give you a comprehensive introduction to this exciting Olympic Sport where the skills used in water polo, touch football, soccer, and basketball collide!


About this sport

A new sport to the Olympic program, 3on3 was introduced at Tokyo 2021.  A super fast, powerful and dynamic version of traditional basketball played on a half-court.

So how does this version differ from the basketball game we already know?

  • 3 players and 1 sub per team

  • 10-minute game, first to 21.

  • If neither team makes 21, then the leading team wins

As for scoring, shots outside of the arc are worth 2 points, and shots inside the arc are 1 point.  Players must clear the ball beyond the arc on defensive rebounds, and possession changes after every goal.  One other key difference is the shot clock, which is just 12 seconds.






About this sport

Volleyball has been part of the Summer Olympic program  for both men and women since 1964.  It's history can be traced back to the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris where volleyball was played as part of an American sports demonstration event.  

Volleyball is a team sport in which 2 teams of 6 players are separated by a net.  Each team tries to score a point by grounding a ball on the other teams's court.  To keep the ball in play , players use their hands to "dig", "set" and "spike " the ball.  An over arm serve from the attacking teams baseline is used to propel the ball into play on the opponents side of the net.

Elite volleyball players have fantastic hand-eye cordination, brillaint reflexes and power in their lower and upper body.


About this sport

A very popular collection of sporting events that have been on the Olympic calendar since the birth of the modern games in 1896.  It involves a vast array of running, throwing, jumping, and walking events.  


EMpowerME's athletics team will give you the chance to learn many of the events and practise these skills so you can see which event is your favourite!  


Test your abilities in:


Long Jump, Triple Jump, Running, Relays, Hurdles, discus and shot put.

Aerial View of Hurdler


Field Hockey in Action



About this sport

Field hockey was introduced at the 1908 London Olympics but at that stage, it was just men competing.  It wasn't until 1980 that women were permitted to play at this level.


In hockey, teams manoeuvre a hockey ball using their hockey stick between players to score a goal.  Each team has 11 players on the field. Field Hockey involves high levels of fitness, hand/eye coordination, agility and power.


Our EMpowerME Camp will help you learn the rules and practise the skills involved to be able to play a game!

mountain biking

About this sport

Mountain Biking originated in the USA during the 1970's with people who loved the outdoors and decided to modify their bikes to be able to handle the off-road conditions.    Specialised bikes were subsequently created and by the 1990's mountain biking had become a globally recognised outdoor sport.

Mountain Bike - Cross Country was adopted as an official Olympic Sport at the Atlanta games 1996.  Cross-country races are held on undulating circuits and courses to test the skills of riders whilst also making for great spectator entertainments.

The race for Tokyo 2021 features a mass start and multiple laps  with the first rider to complete the laps deemed the winner, receiving a gold medal. The course is 4 kilometres of mostly narrow dirt single-track trails with steep ascents and descents.  On differnt parts of the course, spectators will witness sweeping views of Mt Fuji.

Mountain Bike



$80 per day
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