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Katia has a wide and varied background in coaching, teaching, corporate health management, personal training and high-performance training.

Katia is a mother of three and a former Australian handball player, representing Australia in 3 world championships. She also played elite-level handball in Sweden.

With a degree in Human Movement and Education and 2 decades of work and life experience, Katia now enjoys training for triathlons and fun runs whilst being able to share her knowledge of skill acquisition, high-performance training and functional training for longevity.

It is both her theoretical and practical knowledge that has led Katia to build her philosophies and the structure of her programs to be where they are today.

‘Having the right mindset and attitude can literally change your life.”


is borne from a willingness of Katia to share her knowledge in functional training and the joy that can be gained from being fit and strong for your body.


For children her wish is that all our children could be physically literate and have the option to choose their path of physical activity in life.


Katia is continually growing her skills and knowledge and teaches all classes with the philosophy of a growth mindset.

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